Eclectic Stretch 

A multi-disciplinary class incorporating my favourites from pilates, feldenkrais, remedial exercise, yoga, theraband and ball work. Great for the reluctant, the round of body and those recouperating from injury. Get moving and love the skin you’re in.

Toronto Location: 
Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Peterborough Location:

ELDOA Classes 

Osteopathic inspired exercises to relieve deep seated back pain. 
These well thought out positions Elongate, Lengthen and Decompress the Osteo-Articular  joints of the spinal column (ELDOA). The effect is to stretch fascia that might be the cause of pressure, strengthen local muscle groups that stabilize the spine and relieve nerve and disc pain. 
Christine's personal story: 
I came upon this technique as a last-ditch effort to relieve back pain caused by a car accident. I tried yoga (20 years experience), pilates, feldenkrais as well as many manual therapies - all of which worked to a certain extent - but nothing relieved the pain like ELDOA.  I have been dedicated to studying this technique in order to bring it to my massage clients and movement students. There is hope for your chronic back pain. I hope you give it a try. 
Private classes by appointment in Toronto or Peterborough.
Please contact me for details.

The Life Loft                 Peterborough & Toronto Ontario                   (416) 799-8808

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